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The law office of David L. Sullivan, PLLC provides assertive representation to injury victims in Hattiesburg and Laurel, MS. We can provide the legal services that you need to help you win your personal injury case.

We will respond quickly and offer competitive rates to meet your legal needs. We can help you obtain everything you deserve. Our law firm is here to help you if you are looking for a personal injury attorney who will get you the results that you want from your trial.

Fault and Auto Insurance Laws in Hattiesburg, MS and Laurel, MS

Mississippi is an at-fault state. This means that the person who caused the car accident must claim all responsibility for the injuries, costs, and damages caused.

In Mississippi, you will also find the comparative negligence rule. If you are partially responsible for the crash, your award is reduced by the percentage that you were responsible for in the crash.

One of the best examples you can see to help you understand how much money you will get is: if the court claims you were responsible for 30% of the crash, you will lose 30% of the settlement.

What Types of Compensation Can You Claim for Car Accidents in Hattiesburg, MS?

An auto accident could prevent you from going to work for a while, cause an expensive medical bill, and lead to other types of financial losses. You should not have to face financial hardships. In a car accident, you can potentially recover expenses like:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical bills and rehabilitation expenses
  • Damages done to your vehicle and personal property
  • Suffering and pain

Let us at David L. Sullivan help you get the money that you are owed.

Common Injuries From Auto Accidents in Hattiesburg, Mississippi

The smallest car accident could lead to life-long pain. No matter what type of auto accident you suffer from, visit a doctor as soon as possible. You may have sustained personal injuries such as:

  • Burns
  • Knee damage
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Internal bleeding
  • Fractured bones
  • Brain injury
  • Concussion

During your appointment, your medical specialist will tell you what injuries you have. Once these issues are addressed, medications or treatments can help put you on the road to recovery.

With the right accident attorney, you can receive compensation for any damages you suffered during your accident.

How Should You Deal With Auto Insurance Companies in Mississippi?

When in pain after a car accident, the last person you will want to deal with is an insurance adjuster.

Insurance adjusters are people hired by an insurance company who will inspect the accident to determine how much a company should pay for the collision. Their goal is to compensate you with the least money possible during your case evaluation.

How should you deal with them?

The best action you can take is to have a car accident attorney speak to them on your behalf and shoulder your responsibilities. Unless you have the knowledge and a significant amount of experience handling adjusters, you may make mistakes. You could answer questions to an extent that they can use your words against you during your car accident case.

This could result in you being awarded fewer settlements.

If you cannot immediately contact car accident lawyers, you will want to follow these tips in Mississippi:

  • Do not consent to recorded conversations: they cannot record your conversation without your consent
  • Take notes: record the adjuster’s name, company, and phone number; also take notes on the conversation you have with them
  • Remain calm: maintaining professionalism and keeping a level head will prevent you from making statements the adjuster can later use against you
  • Avoid going into details: information about your work, income, and other factors can be used against you later on

Personal injuries attorneys at the law offices of David L. Sullivan, PLLC have experience handling insurance adjusters and any similar situation. Let us speak on your behalf and prevent the insurance adjusters from incorrectly claiming negligence in your situation.

Personal Injury Lawyer Hattiesburg (MS): Expert Personal Injury Representation

With decades of experience, Mr. Sullivan is able to deliver an unmatched standard of excellence to his customers. Attorney Sullivan can help you with any type of representation. These include auto accidents or premises liability injuries, truck accident injuries, wrongful death, dog bite injuries, motorcycle accidents, and truck accidents.

Attorney Sullivan has represented many people in motor vehicle accidents of every type. These types of accidents often occur due to drunk driving, unsafe driving, texting, other distractions while driving, or other recklessness.

David L. Sullivan, PLLC can provide the legal assistance you require. Attorney Sullivan provides complete representation for individuals who have been injured by dog bites, car accidents, premises liability, wrongful deaths, or other causes. We also handle third-party claims. 

Deal with your automobile accidents today. If you are serious about finding the right representation, read through our testimonials to see how we have helped past plaintiffs.

Once you are done, contact an accident attorney through our contact form or by email for an initial consultation. To reach us faster, make a phone call at 601-649-4075.

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